Wednesday, August 29, 2007

To blog or not to blog

I have been contemplating doing a blog for a long time now. Somewhere in the range of a few years. But, why haven't I?

Well, a big reason I haven't is because I have too much to say. Do I talk about life? Do I talk about video games? Do I talk about school? Do I talk about work? Just so many topics! How can I choose just one? Sure, I could have a blog that talks about EVERYTHING, but wouldn't that just be a cluttered mess?

Well, I decided to go ahead with the cluttered mess anyways. Perhaps with time the blog will mature, and take on particular topics. Or perhaps I'll spin it off into a few different blogs, each with their own topic.

But until then, here it is. For the moment I have no planned format. No typical length. Nothing. This is purely an experiment for my ability to do this. Do I care if anyone reads this? Nah. I'm just writing this because sometimes I just have things I want to say.

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