Thursday, December 13, 2007

TPS Reports

I went to a conference last month, which was paid for by the company that employs me. It was a 3 day stay (two nights). I however am 90% college student, so on the first night I ordered Papa John's Pizza, which I ate for breakfast and dinner for all three days (using lined paper for a plate, and drinking Mountain Dew which I had brought with me).

When I got back, I filled out the expense reports. I attached my two receipts, and got the forms signed by the appropriate people. When I turned them in, I was informed that I needed the Visa statement with it also, so the forms were rejected. Today the statement came in, so I refilled out the forms, got the appropriate signatures, and resubmitted the paperwork. They then informed me that it was the wrong paperwork. So I filled out the correct paperwork, reattached my two receipts, got the signatures, and submitted them again.

At this point I was informed that the descriptions on the expense report were not very detailed. I had put down "Pizza for conference" when apparently I was supposed to put down "Papa John's Pizza - Pizza for conference". I also did not list the name of the hotel in the description of my hotel room. I only had 2 items, it was easy, they could have filled out the paperwork, they could have guided me through it. Or even better, they could have looked at the Visa statement and said "Gee, that's when he was at the conference, I bet that pizza was what he ate down there."

Next time, I'm going into more detail. It shall be "Papa John's Pizza - 1 large pizza with extra cheese, no other toppings. 1 garlic breadsticks. - Ate 2 slices of pizza on November 8th 8:30 pm, 1 slice on November 9th at 7:24 am and also at 9:44 PM".

I know, even better, I'll go ahead and order a pr0n movie on the pay per view in the hotel next time. That way when I fill out the description I'll go ahead and say what the movie was. I'll even describe what all positions were used. I mean, wouldn't it be better to be fired for something like that than to go insane mumbling something about my red stapler?

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