Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Cold Water

Why is water cold?

No serious, why is it cold? When you get water out of a water fountain, or a water cooler, or at the tap, or at a restaurant, what temperature is it? Cold.

Do people actually PREFER cold water to drink? I asked around. Some people said they do, and that it is more refreshing that way. But has anyone actually done a study on the drinking of cold/hot/room temp water? Or is it just that we all think "Oooh, ice, yeah gimme some of that."

And that's another thing. Ice. Why do we use ice? Sometimes the ice kinda gets stuck, and makes a mini-dam that prevents the flow of the water, and then all of a sudden the dam gives way and it splashes water. Well it's not a big deal for most people. Sure, their upper lip got a little wet, but most of the water just goes right back into the glass.

But you know what? I have a mustache. It gets my mustache all wet. I hate it. And if I try and curl my lip out of the way so my mustache doesn't get all wet, then the ice clanks against my teeth. And I don't even like the water being cold in the first place! I prefer it to be around room temperature. So I have to put up with my water being cold, plus the ice abusing my mustache and teeth!

Have you ever seen a sober man drink out of a glass with ice happily? No! He'll ask for a straw if he can!

All of this because the water that came out of the office water cooler is too cold for my personal tastes. I think by the time I post this it will have sat in my sippy cup long enough to warm up.

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Blue Sun said...

Corrected a minor typo that would have completely destroyed my rant. Thanks to the man that claims cold water is refreshing for pointing it out to me.