Thursday, September 13, 2007

Genius Plan (aka: fun with links)

So here's the plan. I need to steal a robot, and I need to kidnap a rocket scientist.

Using these two tools, we shall send a robot to the moon. And it shall move around 500 meters, and it shall take pictures of things. Maybe it will even snap some pictures of some old NASA junk that was left behind. We will collect our $30 million prize from Google for being the first privately funded operation to get to the moon with a robot.

Of course we'll give some money to OLC (who is likely who we would steal the robot from). And likely give a bit to Ted thanking him for his assistance (we will also release him from captivity if he wants, but only after he explains that equation to me again, because the last time he explained it to me I so didn't get it). Obviously some of the money will also have to go to posting bail after the kidnapping and theft.

But there should be plenty of money left over to take on our next step in the plan. We will work with Virtual Reality. We will combine full body sensor arrays goggles and a bit of wire-fu to create a full body 3d interactive VR experience. This will make us even more money of course.

This is just the start of the plan though! Oh it gets better! We shall reinvest that money into creating Holodecks! Of course we will license the name fro Startrek, and this corporation cooperation will be as big as iPod and Starbucks. Obviously this will completely crush the entertainment industry, which we will buy out completely. This will obviously bring in MASSIVE amounts of money.

But of course, we all know money can buy anything, even private plane landing strips on government airports. So that will let us push through new technology that will let people plug their brains directly into computers. We'll of course hook their brains up to our world wide entertainment system, along with lots of other software. We'll need a catchy name for it, something like Matrix or Web, but maybe not something that's taken yet (I kinda like the sound of Grid).

Ah, but here is where it gets REALLY tasty. These humans that we jack into the Grid, they have all this unused brain, all that useless computational power! So we will use their brains to run our distributed computing system (much like SETI@home). With that computational power we will find extra terrestrial life. And we will lure them here with tentacle porn. Once they are here, we will beat them up with Cheetos. We will then steal their space ship, and fly around the universe having a fun time.

Ah yes. It's a perfect plan.

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