Thursday, November 1, 2007

And into November

Well, Halloween is over. I was a musketeer this year.

November looks to be an interesting month. I'll be traveling to a conference over my birthday. My wife starts her new job. Rise of Kunark comes out for Everquest 2. It's just a jam packed month! If I can get away with it, I might not celebrate Thanksgiving just to keep myself sane (although, I might still do the day after Thanksgiving shopping, yeah, I'm crazy like that). I'll be taking off this Friday just to get things done that I have not had the time to get done (like getting a new driver's license, changing my voter registration, boring stuff like that).

On a completely unrelated note, the blinker on my car broke. More accurately, the lever snapped off. The lever is dangling by a wire. The wire is meant to control my non-functional cruise control. When it broke I couldn't inspect it very well since it was dark out and the interior lights don't work. There is also that weird squeel from under the hood, I think it's a slipping belt. The rattle is nothing serious though, I know that's just the dashboard that's kinda loose. I would get these things fixed, but I think the cost of getting them fixed would be more than the value of the car. Not sure what they call cars like this in my new state... We used to call them the non-PC term of 'rez runner'.

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