Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Foods my accent hates

I hate chipotle. I detest it. I love the taste of it though. Know why I hate it? Because my Midwest tongue can't pronounce it. Chipotlee? Chip o'lay? Chee... wait, what? Every time I try and order this somewhere, I somehow manage to slaughter it. I know, it's proper pronunciation is chi PO lay. Great. It comes out Chip O'Lay instead. It doesn't sound Mexican when I say it, it sounds Irish, like O'Malley. I hate it. Stupid gringo tongue.

How about Gyro? I have a scientific background... I think Gyroscope. Something that spins. So it would be Jy roe, right? Well, sorta. I mean, it's based on the latin word meaning to spin: gyro. But that's not really how it's pronounced. It's a softer G than the Midwest American G or J. Almost a Hyro. But not High Roe, you need to roll it more. Great, now let's see if I can say it again without sounding like I'm a German saying Cairo while coughing up a hairball.

I know! I'll pretend to be a mute! I'll just write down on paper "I want a Gyro with Chipotle sauce, thanks". Yeah!

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