Thursday, November 1, 2007

Sandwich Folding - Not the Holtzman Effect

Yes, I know, I already blogged today. I know what they say, blogging twice in a day will make you go blind... But this simply must be discussed!

Sandwich folding. The simple task of taking one piece of bread, putting something in it, and folding it. Often times referred to as a single bread sandwich. Usually this is done with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, or similar contents.

I am a side to side folder. When I fold a sandwich, I make it so that the left and right side touch each other. I had always assumed this is how everyone else did it, until I got married. My wife does not have a particular sandwich folding strategy. Sometimes it's top to bottom, sometimes it's side to side. When I asked a wise friend how he folds his sandwich, he simply replied that he does not fold sandwiches.

But when my wise friend cuts his two breaded sandwiches, he cuts them top to bottom. So if he did fold sandwiches, would he likely fold them side to side like me? Well, this can't be certain. My wife almost always cuts sandwiches top to bottom. And me, a dedicated side to side folder, will cut sandwich diagonally.

I can not judge my friend for not folding sandwiches though. Because I am so dedicated to folding that I will rarely have a two breaded sandwich. I will instead make TWO one breaded folded sandwiches. So his eccentricities with not folding can be excused in the light of my eccentric requirement for folding. It goes so far that often times I will fold sandwiches that do not lend well to folding, such as a bologna sandwich (which my friend declared as blasphemy).

As I mentioned before, if I do have a two bread sandwich, I cut it diagonally. Usually these are cooked sandwiches that are almost impossible to cook in a folded state. This then raises the question, does anyone fold their sandwich diagonally? I shall try it sometime, and see if it affects my sandwich in any way.

In the end, it doesn't really matter. I enjoy a sandwich regardless of it's folding, as long as it is folded. After all, it is just a sandwich.


Mindy said...

I (the wife) feel the need to explain that my folding strategy may appear random, but it is in fact not. I analyze the individual sandwich and do what seems best for it. I can rarely get the jelly to spread evenly. So when I’m done spreading the jelly if the left side appears to be heavier on jelly than the right side I’ll fold the right and left sides together so that you have a fairly even amount of jelly per bite. If the jelly ends up more on the bottom, then I fold it bottom to top.

Daeron said...

I (the wise friend), in light of the conversation discussed here, decided to try my standard bologna sammich (bologna, American cheese and Miracle Whip) with two distinct differences:

1) One slice of bread
2) Folded side to side

Having eaten said blasphemous sammich, I conclude that the folding itself was not as bothersome as I had originally imagined. However, it did leave me feeling like a too-short roller coaster ride. It went down way too fast and I was left unsatisfied.