Monday, November 12, 2007

Best Birthday Ever

This year was quite likely the best birthday ever for me. My actual birthday I was at a conference in Oregon, but that's not what made it great. It was the weekend AFTER my birthday that was great.

We went to a Suzanne Vega concert in Seattle. It was at a club, not an amphitheater, which was great in my opinion. Standing room only. We were lucky enough to be very near the front. I think it's safe to say I was within spit wad distance (no, I didn't test that).

The music was great. She opened with Tom's Diner, a cappella. It was great! She gave some of the background story behind a few of the songs too, which was fascinating to hear. She talked about how New York is a woman (not always very lady like though) and asked if Seattle is male, female, both, androgynous... The response of the Seattle crowd was: "Coffee Bean!!!"

It was really wonderful to be surrounded by a bunch of folks that were just there for a great time. There were all types of people there. Hippies and people in business suits, and everything in between.

The next day I purchased her latest album off of iTunes, which was pretty good.

Here's some interesting little facts about Suzanne Vega that most people don't know... When the mp3 format was first being tested the benchmark was her song "Tom's Diner". Also, she was the first recording artist to perform live in the digital universe Second Life. Plus her music is just cool.

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